Activating, Beliefs, Consequences Worksheet with Instructions



The ABC worksheet is an evidence based tool to understand the decision process and how to think consequentially about situations in life. 

The ABC worksheet is useful for the following topics:

  •     ADD/ADHD
  •     Anger Management
  •     Anxiety
  •     Bipolar
  •     DBT
  •     Depression
  •     Marriage & Couples
  •     PTSD
  •     Self Esteem
  •     Sex & Sexuality
  •     Stress
  •     Trauma

Activating Beliefs Consequences Self Help Form

This worksheet is $.99 and comes with detailed instructions. By examining Triggers, Beliefs, and their Consequences, we can make changes to our behaviors. Purchasing this worksheet with instructions will support your ongoing use as you apply it to different situations. The ABC Log can be complicated in understanding the specifics of defining activating events, behaviors and consequences; but the instructions will help guide you through.

Price: $0.99