Anger Management - Change Your Response to Anger

anger-managementIt is completely normal to be angry, but sometimes anger starts to control one’s life. If you feel that anger is controlling your life and is interfering with the life you want, there are ways to change.

We cannot control the emotions we feel in any situation; but we can control how we respond to our emotions. The behaviors you choose to use in response to anger affect your relationships, health, and state of mind.

Notice the topic anger management does not imply getting rid of anger, but learning to manage anger and be more productive with your life. Uncontrolled anger may lead to high levels of stress, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system. If this remains uncontrolled, health and relationships will begin to suffer.

Behavior responses to anger are not always the same or easily recognizable. For instance, some people use passive aggressive behaviors or self anger to manage anger.  All forms of anger that do not lead to a healthy resolution of the cause can have the same negative results on our relationships and health over time. 

If you feel that a situation is making you angry, take a deep breath, count to ten, and assess the situation. Ask yourself what it is that is making you angry. After you have calmed down and cleared your thoughts, then express your anger in a positive, helpful way. Sometimes, it is nice to get away from the situation for awhile. Try going on a run or a brisk walk to clear your head. Practice relaxation skills in order to calm down, such as breathing exercises or daydreaming. If your anger still flares up and gets out of control, don’t be afraid to seek outside help.