Anxiety Thought Record Worksheet with Instructions

anxiety-thought-record-self-help-stressThe Anxiety Thought Record is a form that allows you to keep track and challenge negative thoughts that perpetuate anxiety.

These simple steps allow you to discover and evaluate the belief supporting the thoughts and find alternative ways to address those thoughts.

This worksheet is a very effective tool to help us disengage from negative circular processes in many situations.

The Anxiety Thought Record is useful for the following topics:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Trauma

Anxiety Thought Record Self Help FormThis worksheet is an evidence based method to identify, challenge, and change negative and unproductive thoughts and feelings. Using a step-by-step method, you can address these thoughts and make the changes you are seeking.

This worksheet is $.99 and comes with detailed instructions. Purchasing this worksheet with instructions will support your ongoing use of the worksheet as you apply it to different situations. The Anxiety Thought Record has multiple steps that the instructions will guide you through with ease.

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