Chris McCarthy, PhD, LPC

Chris McCarthy, PhD, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor. His specialties include working with individuals of all ages with anxiety, depression, conflict resolution, and relational issues. Chris sees a lot of children, teens, & families for anxiety and behavioral issues, couples for relational issues, and individuals for anxiety and depression issues. His dissertation was in couple communication and he’s co-authored an anxiety program for children which sells world-wide called,Turnaround: Turning Fear into Freedom. Chris is a member of the IOCDF and frequent guest on NBC's Charlotte Today. He’s known around the office as the laughing therapist because he makes his clients laugh while at the same time helping them work through their issues. He has a PhD and 3 Masters degrees in: Counseling, Theology and Christian Education. He was married in 1993 and has 3 children. Read his child anxiety blog here
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