Marriage & Couples

Marriage and Couples material addresses the most common issues in any relationship and provides options for solutions. Issues such as communication, sex, boredom, and conflicts have specific and well developed interventions that have proved to be very helpful over years of research.

Successful Second Marriages

Susscessful Second MarriagesMrs. Bubash’s career has centered on working with people on their relationships and emotional issues. Throughout her work in the school system, not only did students drop in, but so did their parents, and sometimes even their grandparents. Often at odds with each other caused by a divorce or a remarriage, these families needed direction.


Creating Sexual Satisfaction in Your Relationship Through Sexual Communal Strength

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sexual-sex-communal-satisfactionFollowing up my previous blog about the frequency of sex translating into more satisfaction in marriage, I wanted to discuss what leads to more sexual satisfaction in relationships based on research.

Does More Frequent Sex Mean Better Marriage?

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healthy-sex-desire-mutualThis is a question argued in many relationships and divorce courts over the years. He wanted more sex and she did not is the common myth portrayed in social media. If this is a myth, what is the truth?

Healthy Relationships with Unhealthy People

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toxic-people-boundaries-relationshipsThere are times we cannot avoid a relationship with someone who is toxic or unhealthy emotionally for us. What do we do to manage those relationships safely and effectively?

Change Your Thinking and Improve Your Responses

Using Proven Strategies, You Can Change Your Life!

In this free lesson licensed therapist Dan Duncan shows you how to create a structured understanding of situations and how to create new responses with consideration of consequences.

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