Depression - Address Your Deepest Struggles, Elevate Your Mood

depressionSadness is a part of every individual’s life. Sadness is a necessary and healthy part of life; but once it starts affecting your way of life, your relationships, and your ability to perform typical life tasks, you may be experiencing depression.

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The difference between sadness and depression is the level of impact on your life. Depression can cause the feeling of emptiness, apathy, or hopelessness. Sometimes, depression can surface itself as anger and aggression along with the other emotions. However you wear your depression, it is getting in the way of your lifestyle, making it difficult for you to socialize, work, eat, or sleep. 

Depression is more than just a constant state of sadness. There is a pervasive feeling of hopelessness and negative thoughts. Depression will often cycle throughout the day or the week depending on your experience. It impacts your sleep habits and other daily living tasks like eating socializing, work and family time. The things that you have enjoyed participating in (hobbies, sports, socializing) no longer bring you happiness and joy. You may experience difficulty staying focused on tasks as well as trouble making decisions. Depression has the possibility to include suicidal thoughts, in which you should seek help immediately if this is the case. 

There are different kinds of depression as well such as: situational depression, dysthymia, agitated depression, grief and loss depression, and major depression. There are other forms but this covers most. All are treatable with different means and different strategies but effective treatments are out there waiting for you.

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