Ending a Relationship

Ending a RelationshipSometimes a relationship or marriage really does need to end, particularly if you have done all you can to save your marriage or relationship or you are in an abusive relationship you just need to end it.

You may be in an unhealthy relationship, if one or both of you:

  • Try to control or manipulate the other.
  • Make the other feel bad about her/himself.
  • Ridicule or call names.
  • Dictate how the other dresses.
  • Do not make time for each other.
  • Criticize the other's friends.
  • Are afraid of the other's temper.
  • Discourage the other from being close with anyone else.
  • Ignore each other when one is speaking.
  • Are overly possessive or get jealous about ordinary behavior.
  • Criticize or support others in criticizing people with your gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other personal attribute.
  • Control the other's money or other resources (e.g., car).
  • Harm or threaten to harm children, family, pets, or objects of personal value.
  • Push, grab, hit, punch, or throw objects.
  • Use physical force or threats to prevent the other from leaving.

All of these instances are those that can thwart personal growth.

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