Family and Parenting

family-parentingAddress Family Dynamics and Difficult Behaviors

The Family unit is the most basic of institutions in our society.  Family starts as the primary support system to all our lives.  When a family does not function well, it affects all aspects of lives including those that come in contact with the family members. For instance, a coworker have stress at home with the family often makes him less productive and more irritable.  Changing the way family functions and works together becomes essential to the success of the individuals in that family.

Central to the family is the parents.  When parents work together and create structure together, the family functions well.  When parenting becomes stressful or parents begin to see parenting from different perspectives, the family struggles.

When parents and families are open to examining their systems, change becomes possible.  It is easy to make changes in the family system, but difficult to make those changes effective for the entire family.

There are a variety of family issues that are addressed through this material.  From looking at the couple to the parent child triangle, to dealing with children with disabilities, these materials will provide information and answers that have some backing in research.

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