Introduction to Self Help Direct

Welcome to Self Help Direct!

I'm Dan Duncan, founder of this site and professional therapist for 18 years. Our mission at Self Help Direct is to lead you to resources you need for helping yourself with everyday problems.

Why are our resources so effective? We review each resource before it becomes part of our site, and separate them into three categories: 

  1. Evidence Based. Many of our materials are evidence based, which means there has been direct research done related to that resource that has been shown to be effective.
  2. Practical. These materials are rooted in evidence, but have not been directly researched.
  3. Alternative Materials, which include all other resources.

Our focus is to provide as many evidence based resources and interventions as possible to effectively support your ability to progress and achieve your goals.

Please feel free to browse our topics and resources, and participate in your own progress. Check back often, as new materials will be added regularly.

If you need anything specific, feel free to ask. Thank you.