Marriage and Couples - Trust, Communication, Compassion, and Intimacy

marriage-couplesWe all depend on relationships in our lives.  Some of the most important relationships in our lives often can become the most difficult relationships in our lives as well.  All couples face set-backs and roadblocks in their time together, from those in casual relationships to those who are married. Common problems between couples center around poor communication, busy schedules, money, and daily stressors.  Developing and maintaining healthy relationships with our partners whether in a casual relationship or a marriage, is a difficult process; but when done right has great rewards.

The foundation of all healthy relationships includes healthy communication, trust, and respect. If you can develop and depend on these three things in your relationship, you can expect success.  Struggles in any one area of these foundations can push couples and marriages to the edge.  Too often when a relationship is pushed to the edge, they do not return.  Finding your way back from that edge is possible but requires both people to participate and work together toward a common goal.

There are clear interventions for common issues found in couples and marriages such as communication, sex, boredom, and conflicts.  Also, accepting and managing the roles of the relationship is very important. If you seek together a common goal, there are few things that can end a relationship.