Successful Second Marriages

Susscessful Second MarriagesMrs. Bubash’s career has centered on working with people on their relationships and emotional issues. Throughout her work in the school system, not only did students drop in, but so did their parents, and sometimes even their grandparents. Often at odds with each other caused by a divorce or a remarriage, these families needed direction.

From this experience, and a personal story of divorce, Mrs. Bubash wrote a positive account of remarriage. First marriages have a fifty percent failure rate, and second marriages fail at an even higher rate. However, more than half of people who divorce will remarry. This book helps families and couples navigate this change. Mrs. Bubash’s book is for those who want a lasting, successful marriage through inspiration, hope and encouragement.

Author: Patricia Bubash, M.Ed, LPC

Price: $11.99 plus $3.99 shipping

Price: $11.99